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How Long Will it Take to get Used to Varifocals?

If you're new to varifocal lenses you may need a little time to get used to them. Varifocal lenses will slightly alter your peripheral vision due to the power changes that occur at the lens edges. Having a good lens design can help enormously by all but eliminating this peripheral distortion. Choosing a varifocal with as wide a field of view as possible will help you to adapt more easily. Your Optician will discuss your visual needs and recommend the best lens for your visual requirements based on the types of tasks you carry out on a regular basis (different people have different visual needs) and taking into account your budget. The initial difference in peripheral vision will probably req

What Frames Suit my Face Shape?

One of the most common concerns when choosing a pair of new spectacles is choosing a frame that suits our face. If we choose a frame that complements our face shape, we always feel more confident and comfortable wearing our spectacles. Face shapes can be categorised into 6 shapes: Heart, Round, Square, Oval, Diamond and Rectangular. To decipher your face shape, move your hair away from your face, and trace a line from your hairline, down to your chin, then back up your hairline, making sure to follow the edge of your face. The Dispensing Optician will discuss the aspects of different frame styles and shapes alongside your prescription and spectacle lens needs with you. Heart: Heart faces are

Protecting our Eyes in the Summer

The summer is finally here and while we all want to enjoy the better weather and longer days there are extra precautions we need to take to keep our eyes healthy and comfortable. We are all now very aware of the extra protection our skin needs during the summer months but did you know we should also be giving our eyes the same care and attention. Starting with the obvious one, sunglasses are the best way to protect our eyes during the summer but choosing the right eyewear can be confusing. Sunlight in the form of UV light can cause damage to the eyes and surrounding tissue. Evidence shows that UV light can cause cancer, macular degeneration, cataracts and pterygium (a non cancerous growth

Optical Terms Explained!

It is important that when we communicate with our patients, we use terms that don’t require they qualify as an optometrist! As such, we generally try to avoid the use of jargon and use more end-user friendly terms in their place. However, there remain terms that are inescapably used, but applying a smidgen of etymology will help to de-mystify their meaning. As an aside, the etymology of the word etymology is as follows: ‘etymos’ – true/actual ‘logia’ – study of Bringing this back to the world of optics, let us start with something more fundamental. The term lens is named as such, since when viewed side on, it resembles a lentil. Thus lens means ‘lentil shaped’. We may also hear words thrown

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