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Uncovering Presbyopia

The eye uses two main surfaces of focus on anything. The first is the outer layer of the eye known as the cornea, and the second being the lens which is a concave structure suspended mid-way through the eye. It is the lens that changes shape to help you focus on objects at different distances, your cornea generally stays the same shape throughout life. The ability of the lens to focus near objects is known as accommodation. When looking at distant objects, your accommodation is fully relaxed if you have a perfect distance prescription or if you are wearing distance spectacles. When wanting to focus on near objects your eyes have an involuntary response and three things happen. Your pupils c

How can I Both See in the Distance and Read in Contact Lenses?

We often get asked how to correct vision for distance and near in contact lenses. Whilst this can turn into a very complex subject I will give a brief explanation here to help you ask the right questions to your optician if you are wanting clear distance and reading vision in your lenses, or if you wear bifocal, varifocal or single vision reading glasses and are interested in contact lenses. Ignoring the various different types of contact lens material and disposability, this explanation will loosely work for all lens types. There are three main options for correction, multifocal lenses, monovision and (as silly as it sounds) single vision distance lenses with ready reading glasses over the

Glasses Cleaning Guide!

Smudges and grease occurrence on your lenses are a common problem when your skin excretes oil and dirt from day to day handling. Using water to clean your glasses should be avoided for metal frames, although washing up liquid is the preferred choice with its’ ability to cut through grime. Soap on the other hand does not have the same qualities and may cloud up the lenses. We recommend solutions that allow your glasses to last longer combining not just better vision but a long-term investment to ensure that you take quality care for your glasses. Incorrect cleaning can cause microscopic scratches over time, wearing down the lenses and also affecting your vision as your eyes try harder to focu

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